Lancaster Wedding Photographers : How To Book Yours

Lancaster Wedding Photographers: Booking & Beyond

There are many different types and styles of Lancaster wedding photographers. lancaster-wedding-photographersDigital Party Pros, is very service oriented.  We want our customers to be relaxed and feel comfortable with us as wedding photographers.  Our reviews and 5 star rated service also comes with beautiful photographs that preserves your wedding moments forever.  Contact Us to find our if we are available for your wedding date.

How To Book Lancaster Wedding Photographers

  1. INVESTIGATE : No matter if you are looking at wedding photographers in Lancaster PA or throughout the country, DO YOUR HOMEWORK Look at their work and their style of photography. Ask yourself a simple question.  Do you love their work? Would you hang the photographs on your wall?  If the answer is yes, then start looking for reviews by previous clients.  Ask yourself if there is a common theme in the reviews? Also, read between the lines and see if there is anything missing from the reviews. For instance, does anyone mention how much fun they had working with the photographer or how professional the photographers were?  Any mention of how beautiful the photos turned out?  Missing info can mean as much as what praises are wedding photographers
  2. PICK A PACKAGE: Most Lancaster wedding photographers and pretty much everywhere else has various wedding packages.  How do you know which package to choose?  Do you have enough hours? Do you have too many? These are all questions all Lancaster wedding photographers should help you answer. Start with a rough timeline, map it out on paper and see how much time your day will require.  Generally, I tell people 6 hours is PERFECT.  We can get great wedding photography of the bride getting ready with all the bridesmaids and still have plenty of time for the family photos after the ceremony and dancing at the reception.  Eight hours is perfect for weddings that start with the ladies going with the bridal party to the salon. A recent trend is having us stay for an extensive reception complete with a sparkler or firework send off. Those special circumstances require a little extra time.
  3. PUT DOWN A DEPOSIT: A deposit is absolutely required for wedding photographers in Lancaster PA and I’m sure elsewhere.  The deposit is a win-win for both you and your photographer. The deposit does two things 1) It assures you have your photographer is available for your wedding date 2) You now have a working business contact with your photographer. Speaking of contract, yes, you should ask any wedding photographers in Lancaster PA and elsewhere to provide one.  A contract protects you both from bad business.
  4. COMMUNICATE: Of course your wedding photographer knows how to photograph a wedding, but your photographer doesn’t know your family and extended family.  Keep your timeline up to date and leave at least 30-60 minutes for family photographs between the ceremony and the reception TIP: Make a list of all the pictures family pictures you want, including names, and give it to your photographer.  This makes picture time as easy as reading off the names. This also help avoid those awkward moments when family members don’t exactly get along.
  5. BREATHE & ENJOY: If you did the above steps when working with Lancaster wedding photographers, then you will be able to take in all the moments of “the big day” and not worry about the photographer.  You will know that everything is under control and your day is covered.