Wedding Photographers in Lancaster PA

How to find wedding photographers in Lancaster PA or anywhere else.

There are many places to find wedding photographers in Lancaster PA area.  You can look online and search for just about any type or style of wedding photographer you want.  Don’t forget to look search for the smaller towns too. To show up in Google locations you must have a physical address in that town. Not all wedding photographers are in the biggest cities, so search in the small towns near and surrounding you.

wedding_photographers_in_Lancaster_PaFor example, Digital Party Pros not listed as one of the wedding photographers in Lancaster PA. I don’t physically live in Lancaster.  My listed address for business is in Marietta Pa. A great strategy is searching for small towns around larger cities. This is a great way to find great wedding photographers.

Digital Party Pros has been around for over 10 years and all we do is wedding photography. Check out our information and package information. Better yet, contact us to set up a face-to-face appointment.


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Look for Wedding Photographer on Facebook.

One of the new places to find a wedding photographer iswedding_photographer_in_lancaster_pa on FACEBOOK GROUPS and not just in Lancaster PA area, this type of photographer search works in any area throughout the country.

Facebook groups (can be about any subject matter) that focus on wedding idea sharing and wedding yard sales groups for your local area attract all kinds of wedding vendors, especially photographers. Most of these groups potential brides to ask for advice and reviews on anything relating to weddings. These groups also allow vendors, including wedding photographers, to advertise their services.

Not convinced yet? I have booked more weddings by advertising in these groups than I have ever book when I used to go to a bridal show.  Brides and grooms looking for wedding photographers in Lancaster PA can now doing a facebook group and have their own bridal expo whenever they want. Venues, officiants, caterers, DJs, and wedding photographers are all on these sights.

Where else can I find wedding photographers in Lancaster Pa?

There are a bunch of wedding directory sites like The KnotThumbtack, and Onewed. All of these services merely list wedding vendors and reviews.  The chance of finding wedding photographers in Lancaster Pa is a good one.  However, please note, that many smaller wedding photographers can’t pay the price for advertising on these sites.  Some of the fees are outrageous. So, don’t just look at the big ads for wedding vendors, there are definitely deals to be had by looking at the smaller less expensive advertisements.Engagement_Photography_Covered_Bridge

There are just so many places to look for wedding photographers in Lancaster Pa and other towns and cities.  Don’t be afraid to look into places that are not glaringly typical. Wedding photography is such a personal choice, make sure to find one you like and then meet with them in person.   Finding a personally you can work with for a long and intense day is so important for you best photographs to be captured.

We at Digital Party Pros find that brides and even grooms have fun with us.  On many occasions I have heard from grooms that taking photos with me wasn’t as bad as they thought. I’ll take that as a compliment and a BIG ONE!!!